Suspect Unknown: Do You Know Who Killed 18 Year Old Brittany Phillip’s in 2004?

For almost 15 years the brutal murder and sexual assault of 18-year-old Brittany Phillips in Tulsa, Oklahoma has gone unsolved. Dedicated investigators from the Tulsa Police Department have worked tirelessly spending thousands of hours looking into hundreds of leads and conducting hundreds of DNA tests of potential suspects. All of Brittany’s friends and classmates were interviewed and cooperated with the investigation. One by one they were ruled tout as their DNA samples came back and did not match the DNA of the attacker. Random murders where the victim did not know their attacker are often the most difficult to solve.

At the same time as investigators have been working continuously on the case Brittney’s mother Dr. Maggie Zingman, a Trauma Therapist has been on a quest for justice to keep the case from going cold and find out who killed her daughter and why? Brittany was well loved and liked by everyone that knew her.

Over the last 13 years Dr. Zingman has driven over 200,000 miles traveling to all 48 continental states speaking about her daughters unsolved case, other unsolved cases, and bringing attention to the critical issue of DNA samples being at the time of an arrest for certain crimes.

Dr. Maggie Zingman

If DNA samples were taken at the time of arrest for violent crimes in all 50 states rather than after conviction it could prevent a significant number of violent crimes from happening, since offenders would know their DNA is on file and think twice before committing a crime, knowing the risk of being caught is almost certain given the technology available today. Timeline of a Murder and Unanswered Questions:

After attending college in Florida for one year in June 2004, Brittany returned home to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Brittany moved into a second story apartment located by Union High School where she graduated from in 2003 and near the Tulsa community college she would attending starting in September.

On Monday September 27, 2004 Brittany Phillips spoke with her mom Maggie in evening. Brittany was with a friend and classmate and was getting ready to take her friend to her apartment about 2 miles away and then return home to finish studying and go to bed.

Calls to Brittany from her mom Maggie and several friends went unanswered on Tuesday (28th), Wednesday (29th) and Thursday (30th).

After missing school for two days, on the third day September 30, 2004, Brittany’s friend drove to her apartment to check on her, seeing Brittany’s car in the parking lot and then that her apartment door was not closed all the way, she called 911 and requested a welfare check.

Investigators from the Tulsa PD quickly arrived and upon entering they found 18-year-old college student Brittany Phillips brutally murdered. There were signs of a struggle.

As investigators began surveying the crime scene, they soon discovered there were multiple points of entry into the apartment that Brittney lived in. Having multiple points of entry also provides the attacker with multiple points of exiting.

Brittany’s apartment off 65th and Mingo in Tulsa was in building that contained eight (8) apartments. These eight (8) apartments share an open un-separated attic space, making each apartment accessible via the ceiling man door in each unit. Did the attacker use this to gain entry into her apartment?

It has been previously reported that the window screens in Brittany’s apartment had been removed from the windows. Did her attacker gain entry into her apartment using a window or did he remove the screens after the murder and sexual assault in an attempt to mislead investigators?

Brittany’s apartment had a balcony with two doors on it. Did the attacker use the lower balcony to climb up to her balcony and gain entry using those doors?

Brittany’s unit faced a storage facility had someone from the storage facility started watching her watching her?

Was Brittany’s attacker waiting inside her apartment when she returned home from dropping off her friend?

Was Brittany’s attacker outside her apartment watching waiting for her to go to sleep so he could enter?

There was nothing of value missing from Brittany’s apartment.

It was later confirmed at autopsy that Brittany had been sexually assaulted and that the cause of death was asphyxiation.

Brittany’s time of death was estimated sometime after 9:00 PM on September 27, 2004, when Brittany returned home and before the next morning when she would have gotten up for school.

buy the stars lyrics For every unsolved murder there is a victim with no justice, family and friends without answers, and a suspect among us.

If you have any information please contact  can you buy neurontin online Detective Majors at the Tulsa Police Department 918–798–8477.