Interview Chasing Molly stars Shelley Pack, Jim Cashman, and Kurt Angle

Chasing Molly is a an indie comedy film with a lot of heart. Strong comedic performances by Shelley Pack, Jim Cashman, Kurt Angle, and Felicia Day make the film worth seeing and extremely enjoyable. The film is being released worldwide on May 7th, 2019 on iTunes, Amazon, multiple Video on Demand platforms, and DVD.

Shelley Pack
Jim Cashman
Kurt Angle

After viewing Chasing Molly, I had the opportunity to speak with three of films Shelley Pack, Jim Cashman, and Kurt Angle about the film, their dysfunctional characters in Chasing Molly and some of their favorite things:

What do you love about this character?

Shelley: Molly gets to be a hero even though she wasn’t born one. She doesn’t have a cool origin story like being bit by a radioactive spider. She becomes a hero because she has to. She does the impossible, not with super powers, but with what she has. That’s a real hero. I also love that she has to save her male partner, so it’s not the typical damsel in distress scenario.

Jim: I love how Atticus and Molly are by all accounts intelligent, capable and resourceful people, but they do everything they can to avoid getting a legitimate job. That’s impressive.  They are so committed to this dream of finding this shortcut to a better life. 

Kurt: I love the fact that Mr. Black has a short fuse. But if you have a couple of “dumb asses” working with you, I guess it’s pretty typical to get angry quickly.

What do you dislike about this character?

Shelley: I feel bad for Molly because she thinks she doesn’t deserve love. She thinks she has made too many mistakes and she isn’t loveable. We all sometimes think if we were just better at this or more attractive or more successful than we would deserve love. The truth is we are capable of loving and being loved just the way we are. Our imperfections can be our most endearing qualities.

Jim: It’s so frustrating to see the way they expend so much energy conning people into thinking they are paranormal exterminators, which is all just a ruse to rob people, and then they stumble from that into drug dealing, and suddenly people want to kill you.  Everything ends up taking way more energy, risk and time, and they make things way worse for themselves.  Like those great Coen Brothers films where a scheme just keeps going horribly wrong and getting worse and worse.  The moral of the story is always “Look dude, just get a boring 9 to 5 gig, grab some Chipotle on the way home, watch some Netflix and then go to bed. It’s not worth it.” 

Kurt: I hate the fact that he has a potty mouth. He swears all of the g** damn f****** time. Oops. Did it again. Lol.

What’s the biggest challenge about taking on this role?

Shelley: Taking off the writer/producer hat, so I can focus on my performance. The acting felt like the easiest part of making the movie.

Jim:  The biggest challenge for me with the role was getting up to speed with Shelley, who plays Molly and also wrote and produced the film.  We have to work off each other so much, and like Molly and Atticus, there has to be a shorthand.  She had been living the film for years, getting it made and keeping it moving forward.  She knew the script and the characters backwards and forwards by that point.  I didn’t want to come in at the last second and tank it.  Luckily, we’ve always worked well together in those pressure situations.  Back when we were young, Hollywood newbies, we met in the final level of classes at the Groundlings Theatre, studying improv and sketch comedy.  In that final level, you basically have to write about a 100 sketches to try to come up with a handful of good ones for your final shows. Somehow, the two of us got on the same page very quickly, and, in the end, we got several of our co-written sketches in the shows and they went pretty well.  No one who saw our “*80’s Movie Montage” sketch soon forgot it.

Kurt: It was trying to get a chemistry with everyone fairly quickly. I didn’t have a lot of time to put into this film but it was good enough. The actors were pros and they connected with me right away.

What do you want the audience to take away from this film?

Shelley: I would love people to just have the experience of letting go and laughing. We’re bombarded with news and negativity, and it’s important to take a break from that. Laughter is the best medicine, and with Chasing Molly you will get your prescription filled.

Jim: Crime doesn’t pay.  At least in not if you’re in “Chasing Molly.” If you’re in “Ocean’s Eleven” it does. Or maybe “Ocean’s Thirteen.” Not “Ocean’s Twelve” though, I’m pretty sure they all lost at the end of that one.  But at least they got a nice trip to Europe, which is nice.  “Chasing Molly” was shot in the San Fernando Valley, which is also pretty nice.  Basically, we’re all winners.

Kurt: Don’t do drugs. Lol. For me personally, it’s the fact that we shot this film with little money and lots of passion. If you have passion, you can make a great film with less $.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

Shelley: I love watching videos of animals that shouldn’t be friends, but they are.  If a feral cat and a blind horse can get along, maybe there’s hope for me and my family.

Jim: Fosse/Verdon is checking a lot of boxes for me, right now. Musicals? Check! Theatre history? Check! Complicated artisits? Check! Michelle Williams channeling Gwen Verdon at every freaking age? Check!

Kurt: I was recently at Wrestlemania where I competed in my retirement match. Wrestlemania is such a huge event worldwide. I’ve blessed to be a part of 10 Wrestlemanias’. The fans were amazing. Even though I lost the match, I won over the fans. They’re Awesome.

Favorite City?

Shelley: Gotham City because of the low crime rate.

Jim: Can’t stay away from New York, at the moment.  Never boring. Never.

Kurt: Besides my hometown of Pittsburgh, I would say San Diego. I Love the city and enjoy the moderate weather year around.

Favorite Food?

Shelley: I have the palette of a ten-year-old boy, so pizza and birthday cake.

Jim: Jeni’s Ice Cream.  

Kurt: I don’t get to eat it very often but I Love pizza. I always loved pizza since I was 3 or 4 years old. My wife is half Italian. She can make a great Sicilian pie.

Favorite Beverage?

Shelley: Diet Coke on a continuous IV drip.

Jim: Coconut La Croix. That crisp sparkling water refreshment with a hint of sunblock to taste.

Kurt: I’m a diet Mountain Dew guy. Love my diet soft drinks.

Favorite Color?

Shelley: Burgundy, red’s drunk cousin.

Jim: Always Blue.  But sometimes that Orange is very winning.

Kurt: I can’t pick one because I’m an Olympic gold medalist. So……… my favorite colors are red, white, blue…. and gold.

Favorite Season?

Shelley: Season 3 of Breaking Bad.

Jim: I live in LA. What are these seasons you speak of?

Kurt: I’m from Pittsburgh so summer is my favorite season. I’m getting ready to move to Florida soon so it will be summer all year long. No winters!!!!

What is your next project?

Shelley: My partner and the director Josh Sutherland and I have another comedy about failing in love while trying to succeed in Hollywood.

Jim: My writing partner (Mitch Silpa) and I just sold a sit-com to Warner Brothers that we’re developing with them.

Kurt: Retiring from pro wrestling this past week, My next project, as of now, is a remake of Emergency from the 70’s. It’s going to be called Emergency LA. We are waiting for final approval from investors. I’m looking forward to it.

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