Must See: The Bay, The Series Season 4 Review (w Small Spoiler)

There has been a lot of talk about the world of digital drama series over the last year. Often referred to as digital soaps, one thing is certain it is a market and genre not getting the respect and attention it deserves. The most famous of the digital drama series is The Bay, The Series which has won a staggering and well deserved 14 Emmy’s and counting over the last four (4) years. This past week season four (4) of The Bay, The Series was released on Amazon (Free for Prime Members). Picking up right where season three (3) left off, fasten your seat-belt because it’s a wild ride.

What is immediately clear with season four (4) of The Bay, The Series, is that the showrunner’s aren’t afraid to take well thought out calculated risks involving the evolution of characters. When storyline decisions are executed with precision like showrunner’s Gregori J. Martin and Wendy Riche do in episode one (1), they mirror real life and the harsh realities of the unexpected loss.

What does unexpected loss like that look and feel like? Reliving the moment over and over in our minds, feeling an overwhelming sense of anxiety and panic, making decisions in moments of fear, having trouble processing the waves of crippling grief, The Bay, The Series touches on all those aspects of loss and grief that are so universal yet so often glossed over in series television.

Season four (4) has Bay City’s hero Pete Garrett (Kristos Andrews) front and center. The material in season four (4) allows Kristos the opportunity to demonstrate his considerable range as Pete and he delivers in scene after scene. Pete has saved his mother Sara (Mary Beth Evans) from life in prison, and it appears he now has time to focus on his marriage with Vivian (Karrueche Tran) or does he? Can he finally break free of the past and say goodbye to troublesome Janice (Lily Melgar) forever?

Now that Lianna (Jade Harlow) and Will (Derrell Whitt) are engaged is the wedding of their dreams near? How is Daniel Garrett’s (Eric Nelsen) going to handle the rest of his coming out? Have we seen the last of villain Steve Jensen (Matthew Ashford) and scheming Jo Connors (Kira Reed Lorsch)? Is Tamara Garrett (Celeste Fianna) finally free from her abusive boyfriend? What exactly are the Blackwell’s up to and why do they keep so many secrets? Time to #BingeTheBay and find out-

Kristos Andrews, Wendy Riche, Gregori J. Martin
Kristos Andrews and Karrueche Tran
Jade Harlow (Lianna) accepting her Emmy in 2018