Interview with Sofia Pavone, Mara “The Gifted” on Fox

Actress Sofia Pavone was born in Italy and moved to United States when she was two (2) years old in 1999. Her 2019 is off to great start, she returns as Mara on the hit Fox series buy clomid with debit card “The Gifted” on Tuesday Night. To help celebrate Mara’s return, we have the opportunity to speak with Sofia about[] “The Gifted” and her some of her favorite things: What do you love about your character Mara on “The Gifted” (Fox Network Tuesday Nights at 9:00 PM)? backpage women seeking man in augusta ga  I don’t love why but I do love that she can’t speak. I like the challenge of it as an actor, not being able to say anything but still having to be believable. I also love the compassion she has for others despite the extreme hardships she has endured. Oh! and her strength of course. She was badly beaten by Purifiers yet she’s still standing, still fighting. 

What’s the biggest challenge about your character?Well, in a world where mutants are being victimized and attacked, she literally has no voice to protect herself. That’s a challenge because there are so many things I would want to use my voice for if I was in her position. Also, the physicality of the character is challenging. She has a leg cast and crutches and I have never broken anything so that took some extra work getting used to. 

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week? I finally watched “BlacKkKlansman.” It was a very difficult movie to watch but so powerful. I was so inspired by how brave Ron Stallworth was to try and expose an organization who hated him because of his skin color, for literally just being himself. I can’t imagine the mental and emotional weight that put on him. The movie definitely inspired me to do better: to spread even more love, even more acceptance, even more respect. 

Favorite City? Imola. It’s the city in Italy where I was born. Even though I’ve lived in the U.S. almost my whole life, Imola will always feel like home to me. That’s where my heart is. 

Favorite Food? I’m going to sound so “basic” right now but hands down, avocado. I have a serious obsession. Like, I could eat only avocados for the rest of my life and be perfectly content. 

Favorite Beverage? I don’t drink soda so I would have to say coffee. I’m not dependent on it or anything but I do enjoy the experience of drinking it. You know, in the morning when it’s peaceful and quiet with my hands wrapped around a warm cup of coffee. 

Favorite Color? I always go back and forth between purple and red. I’m drawn more towards darker colors, I don’t like anything too bright or flashy. 

Favorite Season? Fall. I don’t like extreme weather and fall always feels perfect. Plus, it’s my favorite scenery. And the smells. It also starts off my favorite months of the year: Oct.-Dec. 

What are your social media handles so readers can follow you? You can follow me on Instagram @thesofiapavone