Interview with This Is Our Christmas star Vincent De Paul

Vincent De Paul

Two (2) time Emmy winning Producer and Actor Vincent De Paul has had a busy 2018. His newest film the holiday themed TV Movie “This is Our Christmas” can currently be seen on UPtv and is available for sale on DVD at Walmart.

“This is Our Christmas” co-starring Oscar winning film legend Margaret O’Brien is the sequel to the popular 2015 UPtv TV Movie “Beverly Hills Christmas.”

Both films highlight the wonder and joy of the holiday season. To help celebrate this most wonderful time of the year Vincent took some time to share what he loves the most about the holiday season:

What is your favorite holiday? helpful site   From December 1 to January 1 is my favorite moment of the year.  I enjoy celebrating with family and  friends all of their holidays.

What is your favorite holiday tradition? hello   I so enjoy singing Christmas carols with my nieces and nephews. Some of them love to sing and others are reluctant and have been known to hide the books so I cannot find them each year.

What is your favorite city to celebrate holidays in? check my source    Christmas in Maryland happens to be my favorite city, where I grew up and I was born.

What is your favorite thing about this holiday season that site ?  The amazing foods and  Eggnog.

Who has been the most positive influence on you professionally?   WOW– All of my costars and directors.  I observe and learn so much.

What is your favorite holiday song?   Hark the Herald Angels Sing.

What is your favorite holiday food?  Turkey.

What are your favorite holiday beverage(s)?   Eggnog and Cider.

If you could have one holiday wish what would it be? To be able to see my mother and father once again, they were so empowering to me in my life.  I miss their voices, energy, and encouragement.

Any advice for those who want to pursue acting as a profession? Surround yourself with like-minded artist try to train as much as you can.

What projects do you have coming out in the new year (2019)?   Bernie the Dolphin, Rottentail, and All I Need for Christmas.