Interview with Bronx SIU Director, Writer, and Producer Mike Mayhall

Mike Mayhall is the director, writer, and producer of the hit digital drama series BRONX SIU, available on the Urban MovieChannel and on Amazon Prime Video. He is currently in production on season two(2) of BRONX SIU filming in both NYand LA. Season one of BRONX SIU hasbeen generating well deserved Emmy buzz for the Digital Drama Series categoriesat the up coming 46th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. Series leads BrianWhite as (Jimmy Blue) and Shanti Lowry (Yolanda Rodriguez) are riveting intheir roles as detectives with secrets on the trail of serial killer.

We recently had the opportunity to talk with Mike about holidays while he was filming of season two (2) of BRONX SIU releasing in 2019 and learn more about him:

What is your favorite holiday? I know it’s not a real holiday … But, I’m summer person.  Maybe its growing up in New Orleans on the coast, driving to Florida or camping, but give me a summer days and summer nights and that’s my holiday.

What is your favorite holiday tradition? Mardi Gras, nothing else like it.

What is your favorite city to celebrate holidays in? I have to give it to New Orleans … I’ve lived in L.A., Miami, Orlando, and been to NYC.  But, no one celebrates like The Big Easy …

What is your favorite thing about this holiday season? Well, in one way, a simple way, it the lights, the decorations … and in another way … it seems like everyone just steps up the kindness and consideration to those around them.  As if we just take an extra moment to appreciate all that is around us …

Who has been the most positive influence on you professionally? Friends and family who have been with me since day one. They have always had my back. Even when I was at my lowest, they were there to pick me and say go get those dreams done.

What is something most people don’t know about you (Hobby, Favorite TV Series you never miss or Film you have seen many times or Secret Talent)? I started on the stage acting and directing and for over a decade I made my living writing, producing and performing Sword-fighting Improv comedy shows throughout the southeast. All so I could save enough money to produce my first feature film. And, I bake one mean carrot cake.

What inspires you creatively during the holidays? Friends and Family …

What is your favorite holiday song?  Happy XMAS aka So This Is Christmas by John Lennon

What is your favorite holiday food? All of it …

What is your favorite holiday beverage? Brandy Milk Punch … a Nola thing.

If you could have one holiday wish what would it be? That BRONX SIU continues. So, many people work so hard on this project to make it what it is I’d love to see that hard work rewarded

Any advice for those who want to pursue television as a profession? Dream big and walk practical.

What projects do you have coming out in the new year (2019)? Well, I hope BRONX SIU season 3, we have big plans.


*Images courtesy of Mike Mayhall