Interview with the Amazing Sara Wiseman and Craig Hall “A Place To Call Home”

The first two (2) episodes of the ten episode sixth and final season of the acclaimed Australian hit series A Place To Call Home premier today exclusively on Acorn TV in the United States. The splendid epic drama series is set in the 1950’s in Australia and centers around the powerful, flawed, lovable Bligh family and their home titled Ash Park. Created by prolific writer, director, and producer Bevan Lee, A Place To Call Home is one of the best series ever created in the history of television. Over the past six seasons A Place To Call Home audiences from all parts of the world have embraced the series, as it went from being broadcast in a handful of countries to 120 currently.

A Place To Call Home at its heart is beautiful exploration of love stories and at the heart and center of these love stories are Carolyn Bligh and Doctor Jack Duncan. Played brilliantly and with extreme precision by the incredibly gifted series co-leads Sara Wiseman and Craig Hall. Bevan Lee created great characters with Carolyn and Jack, he gave these characters a rich history, however, it is Sara and Craig’s full commitment to these characters that allows what is possible to become fully realized.

In season one, A Place To Call Home is largely centered around the love story of the series leads Jewish Nurse Sarah Adams (Marta Dusseldorp) and Businessman and Politician George Bligh (Brett Climo). It is during season one that we as viewers first learn about Carolyn and Jack and the dynamics and hands of fate that have placed them on separate yet intertwining paths. Like a bungy cord Carolyn and Jack can only stretch so far apart before being thrust back together. It is the love story between Carolyn and Jack that makes all the subsequent love stories taking place in and around and around Ash Park possible. Like all great love stories getting to Carolyn and Jack’s is like peeling an onion back layer by layer.

As actors both Sara Wiseman and Craig Hall don’t just scratch the surface, they go bone deep when sharing the journey and story of Carolyn and Jack. Like Maggie and Brick in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof or Martha and George in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? the pangs and joys of love are not lost on the audience or viewers but taken to new levels rarely captured on film or television thanks to the talents and gifts of Sara and Craig.

This past week Sara Wiseman and Craig Hall have been in the US promoting the premier of the sixth season and final season of A Place To Call Home on Acorn TV. I had the good fortune (bucket-list moment) to speak with Sara Wiseman and Craig Hall and ask them a few questions:

What do you love about playing Carolyn?

SW: Extraordinary gift of a character and the journey she has been on.

What do you love about playing Jack?

CH: Playing someone who has so much going on in their past, functioning in his world now, the community he lives in, and exploring the damage that happened to him.

How was the wedding of Carolyn and Jack in season 4 “You’re Just in Love” different from your real life wedding?

SW and CH: Our own wedding did not have all the pomp and ceremony but, it was incredibly remarkable to us. Just much less expensive.

A Place To Call Home is ending for now after 6 glorious seasons, are fans going to be satisfied with where Carolyn and Jack?

SW and CH:  There is a lot viewers get to learn about Carolyn and Jack in this final season.

 What is your favorite episode from season 6?

SW and CH: Final episode of season 6, episode 10 which is the series finale.

Seasons 1-5 and episodes 1 and 2 of season 6 are now available for immediate watching on Acorn TV available at , as an add on channel for Comcast customers ($4.99 per month) and at Amazon Prime Video for ($4.99) per month. If you haven’t done so immediately start binging A Place To Call Home, you will be so glad you did! U.S. Premiere: Friday, August 31 (Episodes 1 & 2) and Mondays, Sept. 10 – Oct. 29 (Episodes 3-10) .





*Images courtesy of AcornTV