The Mary Martin Gallery Of Fine Art Named Best Gallery Or Museum In South Carolina must show they tried to hire S'poreans first. Article from Straits Times, Breaking News (23 September 2013): Firms must show they tried to hire S'poreans first. By Toh Yong Chuan From August next year, firms that want to hire foreign professionals must prove that they have tried to hire Singaporeans. These employers have to advertise for Singaporeans to fill the vacancies in a national jobs bank administered by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency, the Manpower Ministry said on Monday. Firms with 25 or fewer staff will be exempted from advertising rule, or those hiring for jobs paying ,000 and above a month. Those who do not advertise in the national job bank will have the foreigners' Employment Pass (EP) applications rejected. The move is part of a Fair Consideration Framework announced by the ministry that requires employers to consider Singaporeans fairly before hiring foreigners. Besides the advertising rule, firms that have The Mary Martin Gallery Of Fine Art has once again won the distinction of Best Gallery Or Museum In South Carolina, 2018, and one of American Art Awards 25 Best American Galleries / Museums, 2018.

click here American Art Awards: “Mary Martin has a reputation for museum quality work. Her gallery has great diversity including bronze, ceramic, and wood sculptures, original oil and acrylic paintings, watercolors and pastels: phenomenal pieces ranging from realistic to abstract, from linear expressionism to intuitive. The gallery has great appeal and flow and routinely introduces emerging local artists as well as showcases mid-career national and international artists with focus on art which forges new ground.”

Mary Martin: “We enjoy art of all genres; however, our desire is to feature painters and sculptors who forge new ground using their formidable talent. We are not interested in artists who seek to emulate other artists. In addition, we are an eclectic gallery and don’t wish to be branded with just one style of work. We look for originality as well as beauty. We want the eyes, heart and soul, as well as the intellect to be stimulated, soothed, and excited.”

Mary Martin Gallery / 103 Broad Street / Charleston, SC / 29401 / (Gallery Row on Historic Broad Street) / 843–723–0303 annually awards 25 museums and galleries in Spring, and with their critique in Autumn, awards 300 artists (painters, photographers, sculptors and digital artists).
*Images courtesy of American Art Awards