“Luke Skywalker” The Last Jedi (Star Wars) #6 of 365 Days of Funko

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order Lamictal no prescription My sixth purchase for the #365DaysOfFunko #FunkoChallenge is Luke Skywalker from The Last Jedi. Luke has several Funko’s and this one of an older wiser Jedi Master is fabulous. Luke has aged with fans and gained millions of new fans along the way. He is a character for the ages.

buy Proscalpin with no prescription Mark Hamill is a true icon and has never gotten the praise he deserves for his layered and masterful performances as Luke over the last 41 years.

Remember a Funko each day keeps the blues away.

#FunkoChallenge @3FUNKO #365DaysOfFunko #FunkoFanatics