Glenn Close is Spectacular in Crooked House! Paging Oscar!

reliable place to buy propecia online Crooked House is splendid ensemble drama that is full of delightful performances from the cast. Nearly 30 ago years at the 60th Annual Academy Awards, the Best Actress Oscar race was a two way race between Glenn Close for Fatal Attraction and Sally Kirkland for Anna however on April 11, 1988 in one of the biggest surprises in Oscar history both lost to Cher for Moonstruck. In between then and now somehow Glenn Close has still never won an Oscar.

Now with Crooked House Glenn Close has her best chance at finally taking home the Oscar that has managed to eluded her despite six nominations over the last 35 years. As Lady Edith, she is cunning, calculated, manipulative, secretive, alluring, captivating, and utterly sublime. Glenn Close steals every scene she is in right up to the climatic ending. The Best Supporting Actress Oscar was created for performances like this.

Agatha Christie’s work doesn’t always lend itself well to screen adaptations on film or in television, it can be challenging material for an actor to pull of, given some of the superficial elements in the characters of the time.

Glenn Close sets the pace and stage for the rest of the cast and they respond by delivering strong performances. Gillian Anderson is chameleon like as Magda. Max Irons gives an strong performance as Charlie Hayward, who is called upon to investigate the suspicious death of patriarch Aristide Leonides at his huge estate. Charlie previously had a relationship with Sophia de Haviland, one of Aristide’s granddaughters. This adds the unexpected layer of romance to the mystery at hand. The film is one of the top 10 films of 2017 and a film you will be glad you took the time see.