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USA Network The Sinner

Jessica Biel is riveting as Cora Tannetti in “The Sinner.” Her performance should be on the list of nominees for the upcoming 2018 awards season (Emmy, SAG, Critics Choice, Satellite, and Golden Globe Awards).

“The Sinner” is adapted from the bestselling of the same name by author Petra Hammesfah. The eight (8) part limited mini-series originally aired over the summer on the USA network.

“The Sinner” somewhat flew under the radar during the initial USA run instead of being hailed at the must see TV event of the summer it should have.

This is not the typical “who done it” mystery. The audience is immediately made of aware of who did it and how. Superb direction by Antonio Campos in episodes 1-3 sets the foundation for masterful storytelling.

The mystery is “why” Cora did it and episodes 2-8 are devoted to bringing the twisted road of “why” into the light. Like an onion being peeled one layer at a time “The Sinner” keeps our attention until the final layer.

There are additional top notch performances by Bill Pullman (Detective Ambrose), Enid Graham (Cora’s mom), Katherine Erbe (Fay Ambrose), Danielle Burgess (Maddie), Jacob Pitts (J.D.) and Christopher Abbott (Cora’s husband) who are directly or indirectly impacted by Cora’s choices and actions.

Now available on VOD at Netflix and Amazon, make sure you set aside the time this weekend to binge “The Sinner” and the brilliance of Jessica Biel’s performance.

USA Network The Sinner
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