5 ID Discovery Series True Crime Addicts Love, That You Can Binge Watch This Weekend!

ID Discovery Paula Zahn

http://ssepempower.org/s On The Case with Paula Zahn premiered on Investigation Discovery in October 2009, since then over 200 episodes have been produced. It is a Sunday night hit for the network. Host Paula Zahn is truly an advocate for victims and takes the time to give every victim a voice and helps speak for them by sharing their story. Never afraid to ask the hard questions Paula gives viewers the opportunity to see and experience the impact crime has on the community, officers, investigators, friends, and family. Shortly before this series premiered my sister lost her life and this was the first program that helped the healing process begin. Having someone ask others how they made it through the tragedy speaks directly to the viewers and gives them hope for a better tomorrow. New episodes air Sunday at 7:00 PM PST on ID Discovery or start watching now: https://www.investigationdiscovery.com/tv-shows/on-the-case-with-paula-zahn/

Even in today’s technologically driven world, each year in the United States thousands of people somehow still go missing. When they disappear people often only leave behind a few scattered clues. In each episode of buy furosemide 40mg tablets Disappeared viewers are taken inside the final few days leading up to the missing person’s disappearance. Investigators, co-workers, friends, and family share what information they can and the search for clues to find out what really happened. For 102 episodes and counting Disappeared has kept viewers on the edge of their seats. Cancel your weekend plans and start watching now: https://www.investigationdiscoverygo.com/disappeared/

read the article Evil Lives Here is truly a full on documentary series. Every episode is an in depth interview with a surviving relative, spouse, partner, or significant other who lived with someone who eventually commits murder or murders. Hearing the first hand account of what people experienced at the hands of a monster and lived to tell is not for the faint of heart, but, very much worth watching. https://www.investigationdiscovery.com/tv-shows/evil-lives-here/

The bodies of victims are sometimes found in the most out of way places like swamps, bayous, murky rivers, shallow streams, and marshes. Placing victims in water is often an attempt to destroy and hide evidence. check this site out Swamp Murders proves not everything can stay hidden below the surface forever. When they rise, the investigation into the life of the victim begins, investigators are often challenged with a lack of DNA and limited resources. Gripping and intense this is one series not to be missed: https://www.investigationdiscovery.com/tv-shows/swamp-murders/

Murder in the heartland provides the backdrop for Murder Comes To Town. When a murder occurs in a small town before investigators can notify next of kin, they often find out, before authorities can make a notification, as news in small towns travels fast. In many small towns across the United States, everyone knows everyone, does that hurt or help an investigation? Do people really protect their own and keep secrets? Would someone come to town and randomly commit a crime? This unique gem is masterfully narrated and highly addictive. See for yourself now: https://www.investigationdiscovery.com/tv-shows/murder-comes-to-town/


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