Executive Producer Spotlight: Gregori J. Martin “The Bay, The Series”!

Coster, Evans, Martin, Hennesy, & Andrews! 5 for 5 clean sweep!

Set in the fictional town of Bay City centering around the wealthy Garrett family, The Bay, The Series (Amazon Prime) has now been viewed over 20 million times worldwide and won 9 Emmy’s® in the last few years. Thankfully, the long awaited arrival for season three (3) is almost over.

Created by three (3) time Emmy® winner Writer, Director, and Executive Producer Gregori J. Martin, “The Bay, The Series” is also Executive Produced by legendary six time Emmy® winning legend Wendy Riche (“General Hospital” & “Who Will Love My Children”) and the youngest five (5) time Emmy® winner in history Kristos Andrews.

While often overlooked on many top 10 and best lists it should not be, “The Bay, The Series” is anything but ordinary. The cast is led by six time Emmy® winner Mary Beth Evans, who has been a household name for over three decades. Her work on network television series both daytime and primetime has been seen every day around the world “Days of Our Lives”, “General Hospital”, “As The World Turns”, “Knight Rider”, “Murder She Wrote” since 1984. Over the past two seasons as matriarch Sara Garrett on “The Bay, The Series” she has done the best work of her career and deservedly won back to back Best Actress Emmys in 2016® and 2017®.

One of the reasons audiences from around the globe have responded so passionately to “The Bay, The Series” is the series commitment to featuring strong female characters who are fully actualized and accomplished in who they are, where they are going, and what motivates them. Characters who move in and out of every changing circumstances in their daily lives, yet maintain their humanity, heart, and soul.

This is due to the incredible commitment and vision of Gregori J. Martin, who takes the time to ensure the writing and storytelling gives brilliant material to the cast week after week. In turn viewers are rewarded in every scene with actors that are invigorated and excited to be playing their characters and it carries through to the audience. The last 7 episodes of season two (2) won a total of five (5) Emmy® Awards and had production values that match any network primetime drama at a fraction of the cost.

Gregori is also an amazing boss:

“Gregori and I first crossed paths in the very beginning of our careers. It has been such a pleasure to have seen how far he has come. When he asked me to play Avery on The Bay I jumped at the chance to work with him again. This is a character that I can definitely relate to. She is strong and fierce when it comes to her family. As a director and writer Gregori gives all his actors the freedom to bring their characters to life. I have the utmost respect for him as a friend and coworker.” – Alicia Leigh Willis (Avery, “The Bay, The Series” / ex-Courtney, GH)

“I really enjoy playing the character of Tamara Garrett, she’s fun, spunky and seems to innocently get herself into trouble, which is great to work with and give her so many different layers. Gregori J. Martin’s writing is profound, and I love the way he develops strong characters, touching on some real life issues and situations. It’s very fulfilling to be working on a project which empowers women, their qualities and an absolute pleasure to watch the stories of The Bay unfold, and the different intense dynamics between the story lines… nail-biting suspense!! Very excited for the release of Season 3 – our best season yet!” -Celeste Fianna (Tamara Garret, “The Bay, The Series”)

“Thinking back from when I went to that audition until now, I’m so happy that Gregori (J. Martin) believed in me and saw something in me, because this was in my very, very beginning stages of acting, so, luckily enough, he believed in me back then, and from there I just kept growing and growing.” – Karrueche Tran (Vivian Johnson Garrett, “The Bay, The Series” & Virginia “Claws”) SOD 2/17/17