University of Missouri Museum of Art and Architecture as Best Gallery or Museum in Missouri!

Courtesy of the University of Missouri Museum of Art and Architecture and American Art Awards!

In a Huffington Post exclusive earlier today it was announced that the University of Missouri Museum of Art and Architecture located in Columbia, Missouri has been named the Best Gallery or Museum in Missouri by the executive committee for the 9th annual American Art Awards.

Fun Fact: The Museum publishes a peer-reviewed journal, MUSE, which includes scholarly contributions relating to the Museum’s collections, field projects and disciplinary foci, and Museum, a popular member magazine that is worth the subscription and a must read.

Why did the American Art Awards select University of Missouri Museum of Art and Architecture as the best in Missouri?

“This is a gem of a museum housing important collections across a wide range of cultures – Greek, Roman, Near Eastern art works, ancient Egypt, Byzantium, Asian, African, Ancient Americas, and Oceanic cultures. Their antiquities collections and European and American art collections from the fifteenth century to the present are eminent and an unparalleled gift and guide to students. Equally strong are the Museum’s behind-the-scenes achievements as a leading research and teaching museum. American Art Awards is also impressed at the 30+ year Missouri Folk Arts Program (MFAP) administered by the Museum of Art and Archaeology. This program grows cross-cultural understanding by documenting, sustaining and presenting Missouri’s living folk arts and folklife in collaboration with everyday citizens. The museum deftly balances its commitments to exhibition and interpretation, education, collections growth, community engagement, scholarship and service on a continuing basis, and has an exceptionally well-credentialed staff. This museum punches far above its weight, and we proudly proclaim the University of Missouri Museum of Art and Archaeology the Best Gallery Or Museum In Missouri this year!” Thom Bierdz, President, American Art Awards

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