LIK LAHAINA & LIK WAIKIKI Named Best Gallery Or Museum In Hawaii!!

American Art Awards and Lik Galleries

As reported earlier today in a Huffington Post exclusive Lik Lahaina & Lik Waikiki were named the Best Galleries in the fabulous state of Hawaii by the American Art Awards. Each year the executive committee of the American Art Awards selects the best of list of galleries and museums in the United States. The galleries selected vote in selecting winners in the annual American Art Awards. This year artists from around the world have been submitting entries in over 40 categories in hopes of winning the top prize in a category.

Winners have been receiving more and more publicity as the American Art Awards have grown each year. There are very few competitions and platforms that offer artists the opportunity to showcase their work directly to gallery and museum curators that make the decisions on what artists to carry and develop showings for.

Why did the American Art Awards select LIK galleries (LIK LAHAINA and LIK WAIKIKI) as Best Gallery Or Museum In Hawaii this year – two years in a row?

“Peter Lik is one of the most famous artists alive and certainly the most successful photographer. His works make up four of the top 20 most expensive photographs ever sold. An aesthetic genius known for photos of intrigue and balance and composition and vivid color compliments, these discernments ascend his camera to design three-dimensional galleries which carry Lik’s distinct look of excellence in environment. His love of nature shows in the materials constructing his Hawaiian showplaces, and gels brilliantly with the rich tropics outside – as well as the lush landscapes in his framed photographs. We salute Lik’s keen eye and unparalleled commercial accomplishments and proclaim LIK LAHAINA and LIK WAIKIKI as Best Gallery Or Museum In Hawaii, 2017, and among our 25 Best Galleries And Museums In America.” Thom Bierdz, President, American Art Awards

LIK LAHAINA: Immediately feel the “aloha spirit” as you enter. Residing in the nostalgic Bank of Hawaii building for over a decade, LIK LAHAINA is practically an institution in Maui’s charming Historical District. On one of the state’s most well-kept streets, this fine art gallery adds a touch of beauty with incredible landscape images of tranquil shorelines and raging waterfalls.

LIK WAIKIKI: In the cozy Beach Walk section of the island, you will find Peter Lik’s installment of fine art photography among quaint shops, bars, and restaurants. An inviting glass facade and beautiful hardwood floor set the tone for iconic landscape images of vast canyons and fiery volcanoes.

Peter Lik founder and CEO of Lik Galleries is an Australian TV star and has sold upwards of $500 million dollars worth of artwork to valued collectors, including royalty, presidents and celebrities. The 2014 sale of his B&W photo titled “Phantom” (a ghostlike shape at an Arizona canyon) for $6,500,000.00 is the highest sum ever paid in its genre.


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