American Art Awards

toltaly free dating sites 2019 On Thursday, the American Art Awards announced that the purchase Pregabalin online Colorado Springs Fine Art Center has been named the state’s Best Gallery! The Colorado Springs Fine Art Center has a wonderful mission statement: “To elevate the individual spirit and inspire community vitality through performing and visual arts and arts education.”

In the Huffington Post exclusive Thom Bierdz, President of the American Art Awards stated:

“The Colorado Springs Fine Art Center is magnificent on every level. 132,000 sq. ft. venue, almost 100 years’ worth of rich history, stunning and relevant exhibitions, Broadway-worthy theater, effective and innovative programs and classes. It has proven to be a valuable asset to individuals and the state decade after decade. Built in 1936, it emerged out of and expanded on the mission of the esteemed Broadmoor Art Academy to become one of the only multi-discipline arts institutions in the nation. For nearly 100 years, the Fine Art Center has been the top cultural attraction of the Pikes Peak region. This is essentially an entire arts district under one roof: a nationally accredited museum, a professional theater company, and a year-round art school for all ages and skill levels. They exhibit the world’s treasures in their galleries, produce award-winning and critically-acclaimed theater productions along with special performances, stand-up comedy acts and concerts in their theaters, host memorable parties in their Smith Family Gallery and Deco Lounge, and offer year-round art classes and theater training programs taught by revered instructors. Each of their various branches excels and we at the American Art Awards proudly name the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center the Best Gallery or Museum In Colorado, 2017.”

Current Exhibits:

Limen: Claudia Mastrobuono and Jodi Stevens
Don Coen: The Migrant Series
Larry Hulst: Front Row Center
FAC Legacy Series: Mary Chenoweth Works on Paper

*Images courtesy of CSFAC and American Art Awards