Emmy® Winning Actor Michael Goorjian and Author of “What Lies Beyond The Stars”

On September 11th ,  1994 one of greatest moments in TV history took place at the 46th annual Primetime Emmy® Awards when actor, author, and director Michael Goorjian won the Emmy® for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a made for TV movie for his brilliant performance opposite Kirstie Alley (who also won an Emmy®) in Check Out Your URL David’s Mother. Michael had stiff competition (Ian McKellan, Richard Gere, Matthew Broderick, and Alan Alda) and his speech is one of those rare moments of sheer joy in life.

Since then Michael has continued to win praise and delight viewers with his work on the Golden Globe® winning series Party on Five, CSI, Covert Affairs, Code Black, Chicago Hope, Touched By An Angel, Alias, House, Monk, and in 2017 in the highly anticipated HBO original film The Wizard of Lies (co-starring with acting legends Robert DeNiro and Michelle Pfeiffer.)

In 2009 Michael directed the critically acclaimed film http://netgents.com/97446-roxithromycin-canada.html T http://www.novagas.eu/1502-dtit24364-studentessa-cerca-uomo.html he Shift about the journey in life from ingrained ambition to finding true meaning. It is a beautiful film and Portia de Rossi delivers the best performance of her career under Michael’s skilled soulful direction.

Last month Michael’s debut novel http://newoxidal.com/1203-dtit79997-incontri-agrige.html What Lies Beyond The Stars was released by Hay House Books and is currently available either in paperback or electronically (www.amazon.com). What Lies Beyond The Stars is an absolute gem and as an author Michael Goorjian has added another successful career to his resume. We can’t wait to see what he writes next. Lucky for us we had the opportunity to learn some more about Michael with these 16 questions.

  1. What is your favorite word? – Moo goo gai pan (it’s fun to say out loud)


  1. What is your favorite color? – Sapphire blue


  1. What is your favorite city? Oakland CA


  1. What is your favorite season? Fall


  1. What is your astrological sign? Aquarius


  1. Who has been the most positive influence on your life? Philosopher Jacob Needleman 


  1. What trait do you find most attractive in other people? Attention


  1. What is something most people don’t know about you (Hobby, Favorite TV Series you never miss or Film you have seen many times or Secret Talent)? I occasionally direct a circus in Eastern Europe


  1. What inspires you creatively? Riding my motorcycle on Mulholland Drive from the Hollywood Bowl to the Getty Museum, then taking the tram up, looking at some art, then getting lunch (they have a great cafeteria up there!).


  1. What is your favorite swear word? “that dirty-perkin-filla-berkin-bracka-lackin … rabbit!” (said in a Yosemite Sam voice)


  1. What sound do you love? A distant train horn


  1. What is your favorite food? Ice cream


  1. What is your favorite beverage? Armagnac


  1.    Where do you keep your Emmy® On a shelf with a photograph of Leonard Grant (my first acting manager who passed away in 2001)


  1. What was career plan B? Ninja


  1. What would you like to hear the Angels say when you arrive at home on the other side? “Well played, sir! Very convincing, especially your death scene. Now, what kind of role would you like to play next?”





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