Review must see television “A Place To Call Home” season 4!

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Courtesy of Acorn TV and Foxtel

purchase Lyrica Over the last four years this Australian gem, has been gaining a global audience expanding into a reported 120 television markets. In the U.S. all four seasons can be seen on the spectacular Acorn TV ( The cast is led by the gifted Logie® (Australian Emmy®) and Helpmann (Australian Tony®) award winner Marta Dusseldorp (Nurse Sarah Adams) and the legendary Noni Hazlehurst (Regal Elizabeth Bligh). Friends or foes, plotting together or fighting, one thing is certain when these two actresses are sharing the screen audiences are in for a treat.

rencontre femme sur bethune Over the past year I’ve tweeted, posted, and written multiple articles about A Place To Call Home praising the writing, direction, production values, and acting by several additional cast members Sara Wiseman, Jenni Baird, David Barry, Brett Climo, Abby Earl, and Arienwen Parkes Lockwood.

je t ai rencontre This past July when I found out FOXTEL and their sister or parent companies FoxTV and News Corp somehow were not allowed to submit season 3 for Emmy® consideration (due to outdated rules about foreign programs), it was absolutely mind boggling and deeply saddening. How could they have a series this brilliant and not be able to be entered into Emmy® consideration? Yet, Downton Abbey was allowed? Carnival isn’t a U.S. Company (it is however owned by Comcast and NBC). Acorn TV has a strong presence in the United States and does a wonderful job promoting and distributing A Place To Call Home. I can’t think of a single downside to a slew of Emmy® nominations for a show that deserves them more can you?

Had Marta Dusseldorp been nominated for a Lead Actress in Drama Series last July, the outcome of the category would have been different. I know I’m repeating myself about season 3 and the Emmy’s® but somethings are worth repeating.

Yes, acting itself is its own reward but some acting, writing, producing, and directing just deserves gold. Speaking of gold The Golden Globe® Awards (which air on NBC?) aka Hollywood Foreign Press Association really need to reconsider rule #4 which allegedly seems to prevent certain series from consideration if the U.S. distributor isn’t involved directly in production, even though the U.S. distributors financial partnership make the production possible. Can anyone further explain? Ironic that foreign journalists honor the best film and television with awards yet allegedly have rules that exclude television series from around the world from being nominated?

As season 4 begins the plot is immediately thickened from the events that unfolded like a Shakespearean tragedy at the end of season 3. The Bligh family is forced to deal with the unveiling of secrets as a family to each other, the truth about Nurse Sarah’s baby daddy, and threat of scandal and ruin from the wickedly sinister Regina (Jenni Baird) and Sir Richard Bennett.

The cast masterfully welcomes the challenge of staying at the top of their acting game and they deliver in scene after scene. The dialogue and plot are so well crafted it elevates the acting to levels rarely seen on television and surpasses that of Netflix and Amazon, who produce some of the best television series the U.S. has ever produced.

With each episode Marta Dusseldorp (Nurse Sarah Adams), Sara Wiseman (Caroline Bligh), and Noni Hazlehurst (Elizabeth Bligh) become more impressive. Just when you as viewer don’t think it is possible for an actor to pull any deeper from the depths of their souls this cast does.

Since its debut Abby Earl (Anna Bligh) has been the series sweetheart and girl next door finally in episodes four (4) and five (5) she shows the range that viewers have been waiting over 35 episodes to see. Witnessing an actor come into his or own is just as exciting for the audience as it is the actor.

If you aren’t watching yet, cancel whatever weekend plans you may have order Acorn TV (Acorn TV or Amazon Video) immediately and start watching A Place To Call Home. Since the rules will certainly be fixed come next July when Emmy® Nominations are announced you will hear its name and the cast’s names being mentioned over and over.