Category 40: Whincop, Lane, Minkevicius, Kim And Lebow Names Best Surreal Artists Of 2016

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1st Place Winner!

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have a peek at this site 2016-aaa-cats-37-50_page_033 2016-aaa-cats-37-50_page_034 2016-aaa-cats-37-50_page_035 2016-aaa-cats-37-50_page_036 In CATEGORY 40, SURREALISM, galleries awarded 1st Place to UK’s Richard Whincop. American Christopher M. Lane did exceedingly well here and was given 2nd, 3rd and 6th Place. Tying for 3rd was Lithuania’s Rytis Minkevicius, who also took 5th. South Korean Rhee Hyun Kim was awarded 4th Place. Tying Lane for 6th was American Dave Lebow.


1ST PLACE:  RICHARD WHINCOP, UK,,  “Finest Hour”  36 x 36″  Oil on board.

2ND PLACE:  CHRISTOPHER M. LANE, USA,,  “Pulp Minerals And Spirit”  71″ x 80″  Oil on canvas.

3RD – TIE:  CHRISTOPHER M. LANE, USA,,  “Circle Of Life”  72.5 x 55″  Oil.

3RD – TIE:  RYTIS MINKEVICIUS, LITHUANIA,  “New Generation”  19.68 x 23.62”  Oil on canvas.

4TH PLACE:  RHEE HYUN KIM, SOUTH KOREA,,  “Dodo Bird With Mad Hatter”  375 x 525mm  Pen, paper.

5TH PLACE:  RYTIS MINKEVICIUS, LITHUANIA,  “Future Landscape”  100 x 80cm  Oil on canvas.

6TH – TIE:  DAVE LEBOW, USA,,  “Sleeping Giant”  12 x 24”  Oil on canvas.

6TH – TIE:  CHRISTOPHER M. LANE, USA,,  “Night Garden”  30 x 40″  Oil.


Born in a small village in Hampshire, England in 1964, Richard studied Art History at York University. On graduating in 1986 he began working as a freelance artist, moving to Glasgow, Scotland in 1988 and in 2010 to Chichester, a rural market town in West Sussex.
Richard’s paintings often combine works of art from bygone eras with present-day figures, man-made objects, and animals, sometimes in a landscape setting. There can be links or contrasts between these different elements, while different eras can seem to merge in a dreamlike synthesis that transcends time and place. His paintings are like mysterious riddles, sometimes with an undercurrent of deadpan humour; but with no obvious or final answer, they always inviting new solutions, the interpretation left to the viewer’s imagination.
Since 2005 Richard has exhibited regularly in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dublin, and London, with a series of solo shows and exhibitions at major regional art fairs throughout the UK. In 2010 he painted a set of works inspired by the exhibits of Glasgow’s famous Kelvingrove Museum, culminating in Museum Pieces, a solo show in the Museum itself.
Richard’s Edinburgh solo show in 2011, ironically titled Useless Fictions, combined scientific and religious imagery to depict the surreal “dreams” of great scientists of the past such as Newton, Galileo and Darwin.
Richard has had a number of major public commissions, including a series of five large history paintings for the Outdoor Historical Museum in the city of Cosenza, Southern Italy, completed on site over two months in summer 2015. His latest project is The Planets Suite, a series of “mythical portraits” of the planets embracing modern and traditional symbolism.


*All images courtesy of American Art Awards and Winning Artists-