15 Questions with Actor, Writer, & Producer Jasper Cole

We recently caught up with Hollywood’s busiest “Bad Guy” Actor, Writer, and Producer Jasper Cole for the “Fast 15©” Q&A! His answers are in bold!

Favorite word: neurontin 800mg Yes
Favorite color: buy robaxin uk  Blue
Favorite city: San Francisco
Favorite season: Spring
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Inspired most by : Mom and Dad
Most attractive trait in person: Sense of humor
Secret hobby: I’m addicted to reality TV!
What inspires me creatively: MONEY and working towards my pension! 
Favorite curse word: F***
Favorite sound: Water fountains
Favorite Food: Anything FRIED!
Favorite Beverage: Coffee
Career Plan B: Psychologist
I’d love to hear the angels say: Welcome you always kept it real!

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*All images courtesy and with permission Jasper Cole!